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Woman agrees to buy lunch to stranger and see what happens next

New Delhi: With the busy schedule of everyday lives, people often forget to lend a hand of kindness to people. We come across a lot of helpless people, but how much do we care about them arises questions in mind. One act of kindness can change a person’s life thoroughly. Such an incident went viral on social media and poured emotions out of the commoners.

A 43-second clip originally shot by influencer Isaiah Garza from Los Angeles was shared on Twitter by the user @chris_notcapn, which gathered a lot of appraisal from netizens. In the video, it is seen that a lady is buying groceries from a shop. Meanwhile, Isaiah in a voiceover said that he forgot his wallet at home and requested her to buy a “lunchable.” The lady on hearing the humble request agreed to buy him the lunch.

But what happened next, came as a surprise to the lady. The influencer said, “I have to tell you something. All your groceries are free today. We’re buying all your groceries! The fact that you were so kind to offer to buy me lunch, we’re doing something where we’re buying people’s groceries today.” “So whatever you want, anything you want, it’s paid for,” he added. The woman was utterly shocked as to how her kindness enabled her to get all her groceries free.

Eventually, the lady was in tears on hearing this. Notably, her mother recently passed away and she was quite upset about it. They even surprised her by giving her flowers when she went outside to which she responded, “This is crazy!”

See the video here:

Since the time of the share, the video received 357k views and 12.2k likes.

The netizens were overwhelmed by the act of kindness and were overpoured with joy. Here are some of the reactions by netizens: