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Rising Media Star and Young Woman Entrepreneur, Zarine Manchanda Brings India its First 7-star Café

For award-winning young entrepreneur Zarine Manchanda, sprawling cosmopolitan Mumbai offers its residents and tourists in search of food and beverages just about anything one could ever want. From opulent 5-star hotels specializing in four course dinners to street vendors hawking a cup of chai or simple street foods, Mumbai has it all for every taste and price range. But for Zarine Manchanda, there is one glaring omission to this list: a true 7-star coffee bar cum café. And so, in 2020 – despite India’s long initial COVID lockdown – this determined young woman’s focus was to open India’s first genuine 7-star café experience. And in early October last year, she did just that, opening Zarine Manchanda Café in Versova.

A visitor entering Zarine Manchanda Café immediately is jolted with a “Wow” factor. From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, ZMC captures attention with its meticulous attention to sophisticated design and décor. The flooring is elegant ceramic tile and from the ceiling are suspended chandeliers (contemporary Modo and antique brass with crystal pendant). The walls are adorned in textured wallpaper, with framed European-style drawings. Each table and seating arrangement is unique, from cowhide chairs, richly cushioned armchairs accented with gold legs, to matte black and mirrored tables. The plant stands and floor lamps complement the décor. The overall ambiance dazzles as am eclectic blend of museum-quality pieces. The outdoor patio space features cushioned chairs, distinctive tables, plants aplenty, a Buddha statue and an overall Zen vibe’


But the luxury does not stop there. The dining experience includes showpiece earthenware crockery. All of the cups, glasses, saucers, serving trays, plates evoke what lunch with the Queen Mum must be like. The same with the refined and delicate cutlery. Even the beverage straws and napkins are highest quality; there are no plastic straws and cheap paper napkins.

To top it all off, the Café’s USP includes a gorgeous collection of Tibetan Bells displayed near the counter. The bells, which come from Dharamsala, accentuate the rich décor. Each time the ZMC waiter staff brings food and drink to a patron’s table, one of the bells is rung with a brief blessing provided to each café patron.

For Zarine Manchanda, her vision for ZMC started as a young girl living in Himachal Pradesh. The daughter of an influential minister and prominent businessman and hotelier, Zarine spent her youth in 5-star hotels both in Delhi and abroad. “I was always mesmerized by the elegant hotels, from their lobbies to their restaurants. I noticed the rich detail and also the overall ambiance. These were happy memories growing up, and obviously the design and décor aspect stayed with me.”


Zarine opened her own interior design firm, Zarine Manchanda Interiors, and ZMI created ZMC in line with her long-held vision. She specifically wanted to be the Founder of the 7-star café experience in India. Says Zarine: “Mumbai is a sophisticated city, it’s the home of Bollywood and its celebrity cache. But for the coffee bar/café experience, there is no 7-star experience. I wanted to change that.” She goes on to say: “Sure, Starbucks is a successful, worldwide American brand. They are ubiquitous in India, seemingly on every corner. And other chains have followed this basic coffee bar/café template. But I’m proud ZMC is an Indian brand, and each café to come will be unique in its layout, design and décor. The only constant will be the 7-star experience which people seem to crave.”


ZMC is now a hotspot for film industry professionals. Zarine is planning to open her second café in Mumbai, and she has bold and ambitious plans to turn this successful business model into a global brand. “I am receiving queries from all over the world seeking franchising opportunities. We have a targeted growth plan through 2023 to first open other cafes in Mumbai, then in other major cities of India, and then in the cosmopolitan banking and media centres such as London, Dubai, Singapore, Paris, Istanbul, New York and other cities.”

With these expansion plans in the works, Zarine pauses for a moment to say, “I am really proud of ZMC, and that I’m seen as the Founder of the 7-star café experience. For the longest time I wanted Mumbai to have a truly luxurious café. I’m pleased I gave the same to the city I love. And other locations are soon coming. Our slogan is ‘Delicious, Luxurious, Spiritual Charm’ and our patrons always tell us we have offer delicious food and drink, in a luxurious setting, filled with spiritual charm.”

To reach Zarine Manchanda Café;

Visit our website; http://www.zarinemanchandacafe.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/zarinemanchandacafe123/?utm_medium=copy_link


Disclaimer: Content Produced by Zarine Manchanda Foundation