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During the process of serving Advertisements on the site, the Privacy Policy of will provide the kind of information that is collected by the site as the privacy and personal information of visitors will always be kept in mind. In the event of visiting you are accepting all practices that will be outlines further in the Privacy Policy of this site. This document also outlines the information gathers when using the website, or any services on This policy does not apply to individuals that does not employ or any third parties.

Information collected by

Information that is relevant to the purpose of will be collected. The information collected by enables us to provide you with a more customized user experience when visiting out website. We are will not process of misuse any personal information towards a purpose for which it is not relevant or intended for.

The following types of personal information is collected by

  1. Any information that is provided by an individual in the comments section. Please not that all information provided in this regards is provided entirely by yourself and you have the right not to provide certain information in this section.
  2. Data that is located in log files will be collected by and their agents, as this is common practice among all websites. In order to diagnose problems with servers, will collect information such as IP addressed, browser used, time of visit to and ISP used to access the page. It is important to understand that programs and services are available to any individual which will enable them to visit without the relevant information being available to us.
  3. is very concerned about the privacy of all users, and will never under any circumstances provide you email address to any third party without obtaining explicit permission from the owner of the email address. Email alerts and messages will only be sent out once you have subscribed on requesting to receive such information.
  4. makes use of third party advertisers on the site. The technology that is most often used in this case if known as cookies, which will send a third-party vendor anonymous non-personal information including IP address, ISP and Brower used to visit the site. In some cases if you are making use of Flash technology, this will also be supplied. In order to display advertisements appropriate to your location, alphanumeric identifiers are transferred from your browser to your hard drive, which helps will assist in the process of geo-targeting. Cookies on does not collect any personal information e.g. your real name, screen name of email address. You have the option to completely disable this feature under the setting section of you browser. It is important to know that doing this may affect some of the interaction with as well as other websites. A Dark Cookies is used by Google and their partners which enables them to serve adds to users based on your visit to other sites on the internet. Please take note that this option can also be disabled by visiting this page. Please note that the sole aim of these ad-serving technologies is to display ads more appropriate to you based on your location, and not to spy on your or collect any personal information.


Minors Under 18 Years of Age

In the event of still being classified as a minor, it is recommended that they ask a parents’ permission before using the website of any services available on

Changes to this Privacy Policy reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time should it deem fit to do so. Should a change be made to the Privacy Policy an announcement about this will be made clearly on the website informing all users of the change.

Conditions of Use

When making use of the website or any services on the website, your visit and any dispute arising over the privacy is subject to this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions which will include damages, arbitration and any disputes.

Effective Date

This Privacy Policy is effective as of 31st January 2015.