New WhatsApp update feature 2023

Friends, as you know that in this era, every person is using WhatsApp, but there are some settings in WhatsApp that you don’t know about living and your WhatsApp data gets leaked, so today’s Our topic is to tell you how to score WhatsApp and how to run other people’s WhatsApp in your mobile, so read the entire article, you will get a lot of benefit and know that every person is using WhatsApp, but every Knowing these few settings is important for a person.

( 1 ). If you communicate with a person and you want your and his conversation to be deleted every day, then you can follow these few settings and do this process in your WhatsApp as well. You can use it, you simply have to open your WhatsApp and you want to delete the chat with the person you are chatting with and after twenty four hours, you have to open the DP of that person. And in the same place there will be an i button, you have to click on a button, then you will go down a little bit and you will see a disappearing message, click on it and go down.


Select your time If you set to 24 hours then your chat will be deleted from this person after 24 hours If you set to 7 days then your chat will be deleted after seven days

( 2 ). Now let’s talk about WhatsApp Second Pin Sting. It is very common to see that a person is definitely the type of person who is spamming you by sending a video or sending a photo. It’s like your gallery gets full and junk videos and photos get in your mobile memory. If you also want to enjoy or take advantage of this setting, today I will tell you about it. So if you want to turn on this setting through which if you get bored of a friend or someone who sends you a Bol video, then don’t worry today I will show you the complete method and Let me tell you in practice, first of all open your WhatsApp and click on the DP of the person you want to turn off this setting, you will see the i button there, then click on the button So when you go down a little bit you will see an option media visibility then you will click on this option then you will see 2 types of options one oof and on and another type. If it will be on your web, then you have to turn off this option, your setting will be on. I won’t go into memory and you won’t even see these two tricks are the biggest WhatsApp tricks if you try them on your mobile you will definitely benefit.

( 3 ). Guys the last setting is best if you are chatting with someone and that person is not replying to you then if you want to know that he is not cheating on you then you should do this for a few days. You have to follow for which you will be able to open his WhatsApp in your mobile only if your children have a mobile or if you give a mobile to your daughter and want to know if she has a mobile. If she is not talking to wrong company or wrong guy then you can use it and know which guy and which girl or boy she is talking to if you want to apply this setting in your mobile. So first you need to know that you should not use the WhatsApp of any common person only the person you suspect or if he is your family member and you want him well then you can change the settings in your mobile. I use it otherwise it can be very dangerous so now I tell you how to sew it. For this you have to download a small app, the download button of the app is given below, you click on it and you download it. If you want to play a girl’s WhatsApp in your mobile, go to her chat and you will see the option of 3 dot there. You have to click on the 3 dot option. If you click on this option as it is, then you will see two options in front of you, include media and without media.


will be available in your mobile then you have to click on it which you have just downloaded from here as soon as you click then in front of you the full WhatsApp chat graph of this guy. If it comes in front of you, you will be able to see which guy is talking to which guy and which girl, so you are requested to use this setting only for good work.

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