Truth Social Not Working – Social Media by Donald Trump

Truth Social App has already been launched today by the 45th President, Donald Trump. Some people face issues because Truth Social Not working on their devices.

Truth Social Not Working – Social Media by Donald Trump

Truth Social is launched for iOS, and pre-register users already have it on their device but are facing issues like it’s not supported or Truth Social not working. We all know the Truth Social Cost is too high, and we have lost expectations with the new social media platform.

Truth Social Not Working - Social Media Donald Trump
Truth Social Not Working – Social Media Donald Trump

Why is Truth Social Not working on my device?

Suppose you joined the Truth Social Waitlist; you are already one step ahead of the future. After downloading the app from the app store, you have to create an account. Check our guide if you don’t know how to create an account.

Don’t worry after you joined the Truth Social and it’s not working, don’t worry. We will guide how to resolve this issue with simple and easy steps. Follow the below guide:

Restart your device

If the Truth Social App is not working, try to do the basic things first. Restart your device. You can do that by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

Once you have restarted your device, open the Truth Social app and see if it is working now? If issues are resolved, let us know by commenting. If not, get to the below steps.

Check your Internet Connection

Whether you are using a mobile data check is on or not, there is a chance it has a network problem with the SIM card operator. Suppose you are using a WiFi connection on your device. Check whether there is a connection with the router and your device is connected. If everything is connected correctly and mobile data is on, you are still getting trouble with the Truth Social App. Don’t worry, check the below method.

Reinstall Truth Social app

If your connection is established correctly and the internet is working fine, still Truth Social Not Working. Then Uninstall the Truth Social and install the Truth Social again from the Apple App Store.

And try to log in again with the correct credentials to get the successful login. If you don’t have an account, Signup Truth Social, do it first!! If you get a successful login, use the Truth social as you wish.

Clear Cache memory

If you tried all the methods above and still have one question: Why does Truth Social not work? Why?

Try clearing the Cache memory by pressing the app icon for a few seconds. There are mainly chances the cache is stored while attempting too many times. So try this method once.

Contact Truth Social Support

Suppose all the methods mentioned above won’t work. Then we have to take it as an issue as a priority and have to connect with Truth Social Customer Support.

I am sure they will guide you with the proper solution to your issues. You will get rid of why Truth Social Not Working on my phone.


I tried to cover all the methods I knew. To have you enjoy the New Social Media Truth Social. Sometimes there is a server load on the Truth Social server, so you get errors while surfing the Truth Social app.

But they will solve those errors in no time. So, don’t worry and have patience; the customer care service will guide you to the ‘Truth.’

I hope you have solved the Truth Social Not Working by following the mentioned method. Stay with World Wire for more updates about the Truth social.

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