Truth Social Down – Social Media by Donald Trump

Why is Truth Social Down in my country? Truth Social App is a new American social media platform by former President Donald Trump. Truth Social is developed by the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG).

New Social Media Platform Truth Social has already been introduced with waitlisted or pre-registered users. Suppose truth social down in your country won’t be surprised. Truth Social is accessible from inside the United States region.



Why is Truth Social Down?

If you face Truth Social App downtime, you may live outside the United States. Truth Social is Donald Trump’s social media for all the conservatives from all over the United States. Not only does the Truth Social app, but even is also giving you error 1020 while accessing a website from another country.

World Wire and the team will guide you on fixing Truth social down in your country. So, you can use the Truth Social App from your country without any problem. 

If you want to use the Truth social app from outside of the United States, you must need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) only method to work for you.

If you still want to access the Truth Social app while outside the country, you can do it by using a VPN service.

You can use –

  3. VPN360

You can find lots of VPN service providers on the Apple App Store. I have mentioned some good VPN service providers with easy use above.

Using VPN is simple as a piece of cake. If you are familiar with the VPN app is good; even if not, it’s easy. Let me show you how:

How to use VPN for Truth Social App

There is a simple step you have to follow:

Step 1: Install any VPN from the App Store.

Step 2: Select the United States region.

Step 3: Click on Connect.

Step 4: Done!! Now you are into to the United States .

Step 5: Enjoy!! Truth Social is the new social media platform.

I hope you find this helpful article. Now Truth social down is fix and working in your country. Don’t forget to comment with your feedback.


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