UK man claims he became richer than Elon Musk for 7 minutes, here’s how

New Delhi:  A video of UK-based Youtuber Max Fosh claiming that he became the world’s richest person, leaving behind Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk for a whole seven minutes initiated a chatter online.

The video shows Fosh explaining how he took over the world’s richest person title a brief period of time, with a net worth of double the wealth of Elon Musk.

“Come at me Elon”, captioned Fox to the video he posted on his personal Youtube channel.

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“If I created and registered a company with 10 billion shares with about unlimited money limited and sold one share for 50 pounds as an investment opportunity, that would legally value my company at 500 billion pounds, technically”, he said in the video.

“Thus making me the richest man in the world, absolutely decimating my nearest rival Elon Musk”, he added.

Fox’s video has gone viral on various social media platforms. On YouTube alone, the video has garnered more than 5.75 lakh views till this article was written.



The video further shows fox creating his own company and trying to find an investor. After being denied several times, he then send documents to the authorities.

However, after a proper calculation of Fox’s company’s valuation, the authorities inform him that he could be accused of fraudulent activities. After which he dissolves his company.

Watch the viral video here: 

Later, Fox also explained the entire process as he said, “In the UK, it’s quite easy to set up a company. There’s something called the company’s house, and you essentially fill a form”.

“If I had created and registered a company with 10 billion shares, and then sold one of those shares for 50 pounds. In this way, his firm would be legally valued at 500 billion pounds”, he further told.


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