Air India wins applause for pilots’ ace Heathrow landing amid ‘Eunice’ storm

New Delhi: Air India has garnered tons of applause on social media as its pilots of two passenger flights showcased deft skills and expertise, that too in unfavorable circumstances.

A video clip from a YouTube live streaming channel named Big Jet TV went crazy viral on social media on Friday.

The viral video was filmed by Jerry Dyers, the founder of the channel for aviation enthusiasts. In the video, Dyers can be heard narrating the live instance as an Air India flight goes ahead for a much too risky landing amid extreme weather conditions at London’s Heathrow International Airport.

As the aircraft approaches the runway, Dyers can be heard saying, “Just checking to see if he’s gonna land it looks like he’s got it; winds are gusting. yeah, very skilled Indian pilot there.”

Watch the video here: 

In the pretext of the incident, the one Air India flight AI-147 had Capt Anchit Bhardwaj,  while the other flight A-145 had Capt Aditya Rao on control, the airlines informed.

Air India too praised its pilots.

“Our skilled pilots landed in London when many other airlines couldn’t,” said an Air India official.

For the unversed, the United Kingdom had issued a ‘red’ weather warning due to the record-breaking winds of Eunice storm hitting several parts of the country, causing damage to life and property.

Air India

Due to the harsh weather conditions, several flights were either canceled or were diverted as they missed their landings on Heathrow.

Meanwhile, the Air India flights made their respective landing amid the storm on their very first attempts.


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