The She Age: Honouring women who lead the way

The She Age awards, by HT City, Hindustan Times and Bhutani Grandthum, raise a toast to fearless women from different walks of life. These leaders have had phenomenal journeys, which are living examples of grit and determination!

ByHenna Rakheja, New Delhi

It is no longer his-story. It is The She Age where women are paving the way for themselves, alongside empowering and inspiring others to rise and shine. In today’s world, women are not just standing out but shattering the glass ceiling, in almost every sphere imaginable.

The She Age by HT City, Hindustan Times and Bhutani Grandthum will honour this fearless spirit of incredible female personalities, on International Women’s Day (March 8).

The She Age: Honouring women who lead the way

From taking the lead in the world of showbiz to reigning the board room in the business world, ‘She’ is doing it all. And it is time to recognise and celebrate her work, which has been extraordinary in her respective field.

Their incredible tales exude leadership, courage and a strong will to exceed in whatever they take up. And exhibiting these skills, along the way some have made a difference in the society whereas some others have even won laurels for the country.

As we celebrate the awardees and their inspirational journeys, watch this space for more in the days to come.

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