Did you know ‘Kissing can boost your immunity’?- Check other benefits here

Happy Kiss Day: As people are celebrating kiss day today, this day is celebrated on February 13th every year-a day ahead of the Big day i.e Valentine’s day.

Kiss day is one the special day that is observed on the Valentines week to express your love for your partner. Well, this bond is not only for lovers but also for Mother and their children, kids and their parents, husband and wife, boyfriends and girlfriends and so on.

Kiss can be defined as a feeling or expression of love for your loved ones. It not only helps you feel good but kissing also helps in connecting with a loved one. Did you know apart from this kissing also have some health benefits?

Kiss Day: Check 5 benefits you need to know about kissing-

1: Brings happiness

Kiss,or kissing not only brightens your mood or lower your tension but it also brings smile and happiness to your face and life. And happiness is the only way of living a healthy life. It also adds positivity in your life. It not only lightens your mood but also cherishes your mood.

2. Helps in managing stress and anxiety

On the process of kissing, your stress levels are also declined making your mood lighter and makes you feel comfortable.
The stress-reducing effect of kissing also motivates ones behavior, and hence reduces anxiety.

3. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Kissing also helps in managing your blood pressure as it helps in cholesterol management. Kissing dilates the blood vessels, resulting to reducing the blood pressure levels.

While you kiss, you relax and this where the cholesterol levels also drops and controls the stress level which is a major contributor to it.

4. Fights cavities and boosts immunity

While you kiss, the saliva gets secreted, while,the plaque present on the teeth that leads to cavities is removed. Saliva then helps to remove cavity-causing particles that gets stuck to your teeth. Meanwhile, the secretion of saliva can also result to an exchange of good bacteria, exposing to germs that can strengthen your immune system’s ability to fight infections.

5. Burn calories and tone face muscles

Did you know, that while you kiss your calories are burned.Also your workout session won’t benefit much but Kissing will. it helps burn 2-3 calories per minute. Kissing is very much important as during this process at leat 3 to 35 facial muscles are engaged, resulting to a solid workout for the face.

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