Kharmas 2021| Date, Significance And Everything You Need to Know

Kharmas has started from today, 16 December and it will end on 14 January, 2022. As per Hindu scriptures, people should avoid any auspicious work during this period. Devotees perform ritualistic bath in the sacred rivers and worship Surya god with devotion.

Kharmas will end on Makar Sankranti

Surya will enter Capricorn zodiac, on this day, people across India celebrate Makar Sankranti. It is forbidden to do certain things in particular this month.

Things you must do during Kharmas

According to Hindu scriptures, people should take a bath before sunrise, worship the Sun god by offering Arghya (water). It is also that people should donate with a clear heart, as it can benefit them. Along with food, clothes can also be donated. By worshiping cow and serving cows in Kharmas, one gets the blessings of Lord Krishna. This increases happiness and prosperity in the house and brings all kinds of success in future.

Avoid these things during the month of Kharmas:

  • Marriage, engagement should be avoided during this period.
  • Construction of a new house and purchase of property should also not be done in this month. It is said that the houses built during this period are generally weak.
  • Do not start new business or new work. Starting a new business in Malmas gives rise to financial difficulties.

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