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Gem Hd Tv On SES-12 @95.0E New Frequency 2021

GEM TV (Persian: جم تی‌وی‎) is a group of entertainment satellite channels. Its headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This group also launched various channels in Arabic, Kurdish and Persian to expand its viewers.

                      Gem Hd Tv On SES-12 @95.0E New Frequency 2021

GEM GROUP was established in London in 2006 with the vision of becoming a leader in global media and the entertainment industry. The company first concentrated on the Persian-speakers and the Middle East market. Now it is the largest Persian TV in the world. Its content is shown in SD and HD. Each is streamed on renowned satellite frequency. Today, GEM GROUP has thirty-one
prominent channels (29 ones in Persian, one Azeri, and one Arabic). GEM Production also specializes in a variety of production and post-production services. It has ever successfully produced more than 30 movies and 4 series. GEMONLINE has also enabled access to its viewers and worldwide fans to follow all the programs and available content online. GEM GROUP continues to grow under a controlled and well-managed structure with an ever-eager eye for expansion.

The increasing number of Persian-language channels, supported by uncensored, high-quality content and entertaining programs, also exposes Iranians to hours of commercials and advertisements for new products. Even though owning a satellite dish is illegal and subject to penalty, the law is not strictly enforced and Iranians have not stopped installing satellite dishes. This is not expected to change. Western influences, highlighted via satellite TV and the Internet, have made Iranian consumers aware of the latest trends. Young Iranians are looking online for the latest trends and are influenced in their product preferences by images on satellite TV channels and in Western music videos. Retailers have to be up-to-date with the latest trends to fulfill the wishes of their customers. Currently, satellite TV carries commercials for foreign brands available in Iran as well as the local brands inside the country.

Gem Tv Hd
Docubox Hd
Fast & Fun Hd
Game Toon Hd
Fight Box Hd
Art House Hd
Outdoor Channel Hd
SES-12 @95.0E
TP: 12596 H 45000

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